If you haven’t heard it already, you will:
“You’re not a real pilot until you‘ve flown a taildragger.”

While that statement might not be an absolute, almost nobody disputes this statement:
“If you learn to fly a taildragger, you will be a better stick and rudder pilot.”

The reason is, it simply takes a lot more stick and rudder skills to takeoff and land an aircraft with a tailwheel than it does a tricycle geared aircraft.  Just go for an orientation flight in one, and you will instantly understand.

We do a lot of Private Pilot training in our Citabrias (taildraggers), and we find that the resulting pilot is a really good one, with the capability to handle crosswinds and almost any maneuver with ease.  We can help you develop your piloting skills by helping you master the tailwheel aircraft.


The Tailwheel Endorsement is just that, an endorsement in your log book.  There is no check ride and no written test.  You just have to learn it and do it to your instructor’s satisfaction.

The FAA requires that you have logged training in a tailwheel equipped aircraft in

– Three Point Landings
– Wheel Landings
– Crosswind Landings

and receive an endorsement from a qualified CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor.)

That’s it. That’s all there is.  Of course, actually learning how to do it is another thing entirely.  It usually takes 5-10 flight hours to obtain your Tailwheel Endorsement.

Why not see what all the mystique is about.  Book a flight in a taildragger today.