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When you’ve flown your computer all you care to, and it’s time to do it for real…

Learn to Fly!

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You can do it! You can learn to fly!  And you you can learn to fly better at Attitude Aviation than anywhere in the world.

It’s more fun than you thought.  And less money than you thought, too.  Getting your Private Pilot License is a gratifying and fun undertaking which isn’t nearly as daunting or expensive as many would lead you to believe.

Come by for a visit.  We’ll be happy to give you a tour of Attitude and talk to you about learning to fly.  You’ll like what you see.  You’ll like what you hear.  And you’ll like the people you meet.  Basically, you’re going to like it here at Attitude.


The FAA requires a written test, a practical test (a check ride) and a minimum of 40 hours flying training: 20 hours Dual (with an instructor), 10 hours Solo and 10 hours which may be Dual or Solo. Most students take more than that, however, so the national average is 50-60 hours. In that time, you’ll develop basic flying skills, including how to takeoff and land and maneuver your aircraft, how to fly at night, navigate cross country, and even fly in the clouds. If you train with us at Attitude, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive emergency maneuver training, spin proofing and basic aerobatics in aircraft most schools don’t even have available. And, by the way, you’ll have fun!

Training Information


Be careful when comparing flight schools. We’ll never tell you to totally ignore prices on anything, but price should not be the determining factor when you are looking for a Flight School.  Learning to fly isn’t like learning golf or tennis.  Your life will never depend on your golf swing or your tennis serve.  When you learn to fly, you are learning a skill which will allow you to fly yourself, your friends, and your loved ones safely.    Choose your training provider carefully.  Flight training is not the place to economize.


Prices can be hard to compare, anyway. Based on minimum requirements, and ignoring books, ground time, etc., we could quote you a private license price of less than $4000, but that would be extremely misleading. You’ll need books and supplies, preflight instruction and end-of-flight critiques, and you’ll probably want to take a ground school course. You’ll probably also want to buy your own communication headset. And most people take more than the minimum 40 hours to get their license. The total price is usually somewhere between $6000 and $12,000, depending mostly on which aircraft you choose to train in and, honestly, how much effort you put into your training.

Realistically, most people take 50 to 60 hours for training, checkride preparation, refresher training, or just having fun. Also, you might choose to train in a higher priced aircraft or with an instructor whose credentials justify a higher instructor fee. We operate on a “pay-as-you-fly” basis, so the costs can be spread out over several months or more to lessen the impact on your budget. Remember, though, Safety and Quality of Instruction should be the major players in your deliberations on which school to choose. You are learning a skill which will keep you and passengers alive and safe. Do not economize on your training. Visit each school under consideration, check out the condition of their aircraft and facilities, talk to the management and the instructors, then make up your mind. Visit Attitude last. You’ll see the difference.


Here are the aircraft we use for private pilot instruction:

Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Citabria (Tailwheel)
Piper Warrior


You should train in the type of aircraft you will usually fly later.  Our instructors set their own rates, but they’re generally $55-65 per hour for ground and flight instruction. The price depends on the experience and qualifications of the instructor you choose. By the way, you’ll find the experience level high at Attitude, regardless of the instructor you choose. Also, our instructor force is very stable, without a lot of staff turnover, so you’ll probably fly with only one or two instructors during your training. That’s a good thing.


Attitude Aviation is one of the few schools that offers spin training as part of the curriculum (if desired). Other schools will just talk about spin awareness, but will you know what to do if it happens to you for real someday? Will you remember a table lesson, or will you react instinctively and correctly because you’ve done it before?  The latter is better.



Our Private Pilot Ground School is a fantastic bargain.  It’s a terrific and efficient way to get the academics you need to prepare for your written test and practical test. It’s 15 weeks long, one night a week, generally two hours per night. The class meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. This is not a quickie, how-to-pass-the-test course. We want you to really learn the material; you’ll be a better pilot for the experience. Attitude’s Private Pilot Ground School is very different from those at other flight schools. First of all, once you pay your tuition, you’re a class member forever. You may attend the Attitude classes for as long as you like, repeating any or all classes as many times as you like, and you’ll always be welcome back for refresher training at no additional cost. Also, we have structured the training into discrete blocks. Each class is self-contained and has no prerequisites, so you can join the class at any point in the course and not feel left behind. The schedule of classes and the subjects covered in each class are published, so if you miss a class (who doesn’t?) you’ll know exactly what you missed, and you may pick it up on the next rotation.