Emergency Maneuver Training



Want to be a better, safer pilot?  Wouldn’t it feel good to know you can handle virtually any situation that might arise during your flights?  You bet it would!

Our Emergency Maneuver Training course, also known as Upset Training, will give you the opportunity to experience extreme unusual attitudes and develop your maneuvering skills so that you can remain situationally aware, spatially oriented and fly your aircraft out of any critical scenarios.

Our course is divided into three segments:
Basic EMT
Advanced EMT
Emergency Procedures

The first two are about maneuvering flight, learning how to put your aircraft where you want it, explore the full stall characteristics of your aircraft, recover from spins and, more importantly, avoid spins, escape from wake turbulence, recover from dives…well, you get the idea.

The third segment is more about control issues and emergency procedures: runaway trim, loss of control surface control, controllability checks, engine loss, etc.

All three segments take about ten hours of flying time, plus some serious ground training.

Learn, and fly safe!


There are no requirements for EMT other than a desire to be a better, safer pilot and a willingness to explore flight way beyond your comfort zone.  With Attitude, you can do it safely, with qualified, experienced instructors.