Where to start?  Other than combat, there’s nothing else in aviation as exciting as aerobatics.  It’s not everyone’s passion, but if you get the bug, you’ll never shake it; you’ll fly aerobatics until you can’t fly anymore.

Our Emergency Maneuver Training (Upset) course might whet your appetite.  You will develop rolling skills and the ability to remain spatially oriented in extreme unusual attitudes.  It’s just a short step to aerobatics.

You will start in a Citabria, learning the basics in an aircraft which is forgiving.  Loops, Rolls and Spins.  And more unusual attitude recoveries.  (What?  You thought all aerobatic maneuvers end up in controlled flight?)

Although you can spend a lot of fun times in the Citabria, you’ll eventually want to go to an aircraft with inverted fuel and oil, so that you can do negative G maneuvers, outside loops, sustained inverted flight, etc.  For that, you’ll move to the Super Decathlon and spend more time upside down.

Then there’s the Pitts Special.  The Pitts defined high performance aerobatics.  If you’ve ever been to an airshow, you’ve seen what a Pitts can do.  It’s truly a roll-your-socks-down airplane which will challenge your for a long, long time.  You can spend the rest of your life learning to master this aircraft.  It’s worth it!



Amazingly, there is no such thing as an aerobatic license or rating.  Even more amazing, there is no requirement for an instructor to be aerobatically tested or rated to teach aerobatics.  So watch out who offers to teach you aerobatics!  All of our aerobatic instructors are experienced instructors before they become experienced aerobatic instructors.  And they’re all vetted by Attitude before they teach aerobatics in Attitude’s aircraft.  So feel safe, and have fun learning aerobatics.