Leaseback Opportunities

Leaseback with us

You will have a chance for other people to enjoy your plane while you make some money.  A benefit of being a Leaseback owner with us is that we will keep track of your maintenance as we have our own maintenance department.

Aircraft Acquisition and Sales

Should you need to sell your current aircraft and/or purchase a new one, we will be happy to assist.  Our experienced personnel will facilitate the aircraft purchase or sale for you.  Most of these services are free.  At the end of the sale, your fee will be our cost plus a very small negotiated percentage of the sale price.  That could save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  We will advise and help with an aircraft purchase and the paperwork involved.

For Sales, we will

  • Arrange advertising
  • Handle sales calls
  • Show your aircraft to prospective buyers
  • Provide information to prospective buyers
  • Advise buyers on financing
  • Arrange escrow
  • Close the deal
  • Handle all the transfer paperwork, and
  • Deliver the check to you

For Purchases, we will

  • Help you locate the perfect aircraft
  • Advise you on the purchase
  • Arrange the pre-purchase inspection
  • Perform the pre-purchase inspection at a significant discount
  • Advise you on financing
  • Set up the escrow
  • Handle all transfer paperwork