We manage your aircraft for you. That means we will schedule flights and crew, monitor and schedule recurring inspections and maintenance, do the maintenance when able, arrange it when we can’t, clean your aircraft, provide red carpet level service to you and your guests, provide concierge services, etc.

You call us; we schedule the aircraft.  We pull your aircraft from the hangar, position it for launch, and have it fueled per your instructions.  When you return, we’ll put the aircraft away.  It’s a valet style service.

To schedule a pull, call our Front Desk: 925-456-2276.  Voice mail is available.  For emergencies or time critical messages, call our after hour line at 925-890-2538.  Attitude’s business hours are 0800-1800 daily.  We are closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  We request 24 hours notice for the pull; we require at least 2 hours notice.  Before you leave, give us an estimated time of return.  If you cannot, then call us before you depart on your return leg.  It’ll help us give you better service.

You have access to your aircraft 24 hours per day, every day, but additional charges may apply on holidays and after hours.

24 Hour Access

Normal duty hours at Attitude Aviation are 0800-2000 daily.  But not for you.  You have 24 hour access to your aircraft.  You may call our After Hours Hotline for access should it become necessary after normal business hours.  Other FBO’s would charge you a hefty Call Out Fee.  But this is included in your Service Fee at no additional charge.

Aircraft Security

We will check on your aircraft while it is home at least four times daily: Once at the start of the day, at least twice during the day (probably more) and a final security check when we leave for the day – often as late as 2300 hours.  In short, we keep a close eye on your aircraft and a tight security curtain around it.  We will not allow anyone access to your aircraft without your express permission.  Motion Detectors and dusk to dawn lighting deter thieves and vandals.

Facilities Use

You are welcome to use most of our facilities at no additional charge.  Our Lobby, Briefing rooms, Break Area, Meeting Room and Classroom are yours to use for your training, corporate meetings – whatever you need to make your aircraft and business life easier and more convenient.  Meeting and Classrooms must be reserved ahead of time.  Just call.