Flying with Attitude

Flying with Attitude Aviation Requirements!!!

Tail Wheel: 10 hours Dual Instruction or Previous 50 hours Tail Wheel with Checkout
Complex: 200 Total hours.  Including 10 hours of Complex with Checkout or 10 hours Dual of Make or Model
High Performance: (Bonanza/Seneca) 200 hours as PIC and 10 hours of Make or Model with Checkout or 200 hours of PIC with 10 hours of Dual Instruction and Checkout

Renters Insurance Requirements!!!

Non- Retractable
$1,000,000 Liability
$100,000 Per Passenger
$5,000 Hull Damage

Retractable/Twin Engine
$1,000,000 Liability
$100,000 Per Passenger
$15,000 Hull Damage