• Pitts S-2C, Attitude Aviation, Livermore, CA
    Attitude Aviation’s Pitts Special S-2C screams down the runway at Livermore, CA.
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What's happening in Attitude?

NEW OWNERSHIP!  The longtime owner of Attitude Aviation, Rich Perkins has sold the business to Sam Rivinius.  As a Livermore native, Sam learned to fly at KLVK.  Sam is expanding the fleet as well as the staff for exciting changes here at Attitude Aviation.


If you thought Attitude Aviation had a great mix of aircraft to rent before, just wait until you see the planes we have on line to rent now.  Everything from the Cessna 152 to a sophisticated ride in the Bonanza or maybe the T34.  Our Navajo Chieftain, is on line to rent.  This is a one of a kind rental fleet. Check out all our rental aircraft!


Flying with Attitude

Attitude has the absolute finest general aviation aircraft you’ll find for rent anywhere!  And we have some truly fun specialty aircraft, too—aircraft you won’t find anywhere else.  Click here to take a look!

Planes For Sale!!!

Planes For Sale

Planes will be listed here that are for SALE!!!  Keep coming back here to see the updated list of plane!!!

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